Ibanez claim they are making the worlds first Fretted Fretless bass, Doug Wikes says otherwise….

Doug Wilkes fretted fretless

Ibanez claim that they are now building the worlds first fretted fretless bass. See article here – http://www.ibanez.com/BassGuitars/model-SR2010ASC.

But, Doug Wilkes was making fretted frettless bases back in 1985 at his old factory. Click the links below to see a review in guitarist from 1985 about Wilkes fretted fretless basses.

Wilkes fretted fretless bass – article 1
Wilkes fretted fretless bass – article 2

Click here to see a forum thread about Ibanez’s claim on basschat.co.uk.

Click here to see more Doug Wilkes fretted frettless bass models from the past.

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