David Cotterill

David Cotterill

David Cotterill is a very well respected guitarist, and has been a player of Doug Wilkes guitars for 25 years.

David’s musical activities are varied and diverse, from being the lead guitarist in the British rock group Demon and playing such high profile gigs as Sweden Rocks, to being the chosen acoustic touring partner when in the UK and Europe for Eric Martin, singer of American rock supergroup Mr Big.  David is also regularly invited to play in the USA with The Greg Billings Band.  When in the UK, David plays guitar in popular bar / function band The Vanz, and is a successful and popular solo artist.

David is endorsed and supported by Wilkes Guitars for the following instruments: Custom Telecaster, Custom inspired Les Paul, Wilkes Explorer, Wilkes Custom Slut Inspired, Wilkes Les Paul Junior

David’s Instruments

Doug Wilkes Les Paul
Doug Wilkes Telecaster
Doug Wilkes Stratocaster
Doug Wilkes Custom

Doug Wilkes Explorer

Doug Wilkes Stratocaster Red

Doug Wilkes Les Paul 
Doug Wilkes Les Paul Junior