Called in on Doug at his workshop for a bit of love with my Doug Wilkes Telecaster. Doug was working on an acoustic and an electric mandolin ‘Slut’ for fellow luthier Les Godfrey from Canada (www dot godfreyguitars dot com/) Also, seen on the desk was Mark Hargreave’s Custom Bass.

Jessie the dog is burnt out after a holiday, Doug has almost finished Mark Bennett’s guitar and there are triffids apparently growing up the shed….

Doug shows us some Palm and Oak he’s bought, Mark Bennett’s acoustic is almost done and a router isn’t working right.

Doug has someones hand up his bottom, a look at a new Les Paul guitar for Sean and continued work on Mark Bennett’s acoustic. Jessie attacks the compressor also…

Not sure if you guys have seen her before, but here’s Jessie, Doug’s new dog. And also a catch up on Mark Bennet’s acoustic project, and various other complete nonsense…

In this video Doug puts a Seymour Duncan Quarterpounder single coil pickup in my guitar, we discuss 6/8 timing, and there’s an update on Mark Bennett’s guitar. Plus a visit from the lovely Sara…

Here’s luthier Les Godfrey of Godfrey Guitars in Canada shredding on a Doug Wilkes Answer Slut model. Les is a cool guy so check out his awesome guitars at

I called at Doug’s workshop last week to pick up an old Ibanez guitar he’d re-fretted for me, eat some biscuits and to have a general ‘total nonsense’ chat about this and that.

In this workshop update visit, Doug talks about fitting the struts in Mark Bennett’s custom acoustic, his last walnut telecaster inspired guitar is finished and various nonsense as now expected.

Doug starts working on re-fretting Carl’s Tele inspired Wilkes guitar, shows us where he’s at with Mark Bennett’s acoustic and various other nonsense.

Doug is working on a Gretsch, finishing the cello for Jane and Billy, the workshop manager, is trying to demolish the place with his cone.

Doug can be seen here working on Carl’s ‘cost effective’ jumbo acoustic. Fret dressing, truss rod adjustment and new strings. Results are superb. Plus Billy the dog and Doug are roasting alive in the hot workshop…..!!!

July 2016 Update from Doug’s workshop with Mark Hargreaves new bass, and Billy the dog.

Here’s Doug in the workshop working on Mark Hargreaves new bass.

Doug and Carl have filmed a lot of ‘From The Workshop’ videos over the last 5 years.  The video page features the lastest videos.  Use the link at the bottom of the page to see  Doug’s video archive.

6th June 2016. Doug is dressed like a tramp as he is working on Mark Hargeaves bass. Also Billy the dog, a new pig and various rubbish..

Here’s an update from Doug’s Workshop. A bass, two telecasters, and Billy the dog.

Carl Catches up with Doug in his workshop with Custom Wilkes mugs, two more Walnut Telecasters, and….. even more Walnut…! And Billy the dog.

A mate of Doug’s calls in and asks him if he can adjust the neck a bit. Without question Doug grabs the rasp file and starts the job. The customer’s attention has been grabbed…. Job overseen by Billy, the workshop beast who’s a lovely dog.

In Doug’s workshop today we find right hand man Dave, looking at women, Doug showing us various guitars and an attempt by his crack team to fit new blades to some sort of planing machine…

Another delayed update from Doug’s workshop.  This one features a 1930s Gibson L5 (or something like that) progress on the Bass Twin Neck and a visit from Kim Tink and her beast..

Here Doug is one month after the workshop fire.  Anyone noticed how he doesn’t seem to have changed his clothes…  😉

Unfortunately, Doug had a serious fire in his workshop last week and will be out of action till the end of April getting it all fixed. He’s a quick video to show the damage. Also shows Doug’s ability to dust himself down and stay positive..!!!

Here is an update from Doug Wilkes in his workshop, March 2015. He’s seen here working on a twin neck guitar, and also a custom acoustic build. Plus various other assorted verbal nonsense… 😉

Doug Wilkes guides us all into a jolly 2015…!!!

In this video, Doug Wilkes shows us how he adds neck inlays to a Les Paul fretboard

Here’s Doug in the workshop after his recent experience in the emergency cardiac unit at the North Staffs Hospital just 2 days earlier when he thought he was a goner… Needless to say, the doctor said he needs to rest…..

Here’s an update from Doug’s workshop. He’s decided to build a jazzy guitar, and shows us how he’s going to do it.

Doug Wilkes has finished the 24 String Lyre Harp guitar. It just needs a slight polish and then the customer should be coming to collect on Friday. (I would like to point out that I have tried to reply to messages but YT won’t allow me to.. )

A visit to Doug’s workshop sees him working on two new guitars for Dave Cotterill, professional guitarist from Stoke on Trent. There is also an update on the 24 string Lyre Harp.

I called in to Doug’s workshop the other day and noticed he had an Allen & Heath mixing desk leaning against the wall.

It’s January 2014 and the 24 string lyre harp guitar is nearly finished. Check out what is left to be done before the customer gets a phone call to say it’s time to collect.

Doug’s Video Archive

We have filmed about 90 videos over the last 5 years, which would take too long to load on this page.  For more Doug Wilkes videos…

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